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Somebody Call CSI: Potomac!

February 12th, 2008 Comments off


Barack Obama didn’t just beat Hillary in Virginia. He didn’t just get more votes than John McCain. In “red” Virginia, Obama got 142,000 more votes than all the Republicans put together. And that was with Hillary Clinton taking 100,000 more votes than John McCain.

He kicked butt, took names, and did it with both hands tied behind his back.

Oh, and in Maryland, with 40% of the vote in, Hillary is beating all Republicans put together while losing by 27%. You could probably limit Democrats to only left-handed voters, or red-haired voters, or left-handed red-haired voters whose names start with ‘Q,’ and the Republicans would still be in trouble.


Daaaamn. Somebody got murderized!

Of the three “Potomac” primaries (Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C.), Obama beat Clinton approximately 29, 23 and 50 points. That’s what us old fogeys call a “drubbing.”

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