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February 12th, 2008

As anyone who grew up in the 80s knows, pretty much anything or anyone can be defined by Duran Duran song lyrics. I realized this morning what Barack Obama’s are:

This is How a Road Gets Made

Somebody walked on a virgin (land).
Someone else saw their tracks and followed them, leaving a path.
It seemed as though I were looking down the hill when I first saw it,
But, as I waled on, I realized I was going up.

Somebody whistled behind and turning round, they seemed far below.
Then I came to where there had been a fire and was shaded
From the sun by the trees.
Figure of eight. It’s our year, it always was.

Made of earth,
Drinks water,
Breathes air,
Makes fire.


What’s the song for the Bush Administration? That should be obvious: Union of the Snake.

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